Creative and Perceptive-Cognitive Behavior and Theatricality

The Transformation of the Subject trough the De-Objectification of Art.

This essay has the aim to review two fundamental concepts for the study of the transition from Modern to Contemporary art, considering the drastic transformation of the artistic practices during the second half of the 20th Century due to the emergence of manifestations such as minimal and conceptual art. Those concepts are subsumed into a mayor transformation related to the change of position of the subject at the artistic phenomenon, considered by Simón Marchán Fiz as part of the displacement from the object to the idea. [1]

The first concept is theatricality, taken from the 1967 text entitled “Art and Objecthood” by Michael Fried. The second is perceptive-cognitive and creative behavior, which appears in different moments during the second chapter of Simón Marchán Fiz’s Del arte objetual al arte de concepto (From object art to concept art), first published in 1972. We will synthetize this term as implication. The intention of this crossed analysis is to conceptually identify the process of de-objectification of art during the second half of the 20th Century in order to propose as hypothesis that this factor brings out as its most relevant consequence the participative turn of the subject within the art field.

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Publicado en: Entkunstung Journal; Número 2

Febrero, 2017